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5 Advantages of Working with Encompass Property Management

System - Thursday, March 16, 2017

We are talking to Bonita Springs landlords today about why you should choose a professional property management company and why we should be the company that manages the property, nets you the most money, and exceeds your expectations. There are many reasons to work with Encompass Property Management, and we’re sharing the five biggest advantages.

Customized Management
We offer variable and flexible management options. We know that every investor and property owner is different, and we don’t want to treat you all the same. We will cater a program that is aggressive and value driven to make sure the program works for you and that you see value. For the landlord who is more hands-on, we do tenant placement only services and we also have some a-la-carte services that clients can choose. We want to show value and show you that we can work with every type of situation. 

High Occupancy and Renewal Rate
Our occupancy rate is about 98 percent right now, and our tenants stay for an average of three years. For you, that means lower vacancies and fewer tenant turnovers in your Bonita Springs rental property. That’s more money in your pocket.

Tenant Selection
You don’t want just anyone living in your property, and we don’t either. So, we find tenants who pay the rent on time and maintain your property. Fewer damages means more money for you. We do extensive credit, eviction, and state and national criminal background checks. We look at bank statements, pay stubs, landlord references, and we collect a good security deposit. If we place a bad tenant, it won’t just be a headache for you – it will be a headache for us, too. No one wants that. 

Eviction Guarantee
We have not had an eviction in over two and a half years. That’s because we communicate on a regular basis and provide good service to the tenants. If you’re in the rare situation where we have to evict a tenant, this guarantee ensures that we pay for the eviction and do all the work. It’s another way to protect you.

Long Term Relationships 
We want you to be part of our family because we value long term relationships. We want to work with you on all your current and future investment properties, and we want to earn business from your friends and families. We’ll show you that we can help you sell your property when you’re ready and manage what you currently own. Other companies might be cheaper than us, but when you pay less, you get less. Our goal is to show you value. Our main focus is on you, and we’ll get you the most money while providing a hassle-free experience. 
If you have any questions about investing in Bonita Springs or Bonita Springs property management, please contact us at Encompass Property Management.